“World’s First Paper Mapping”
2 years of testing and OBSESSION to do it!

Widely recognized as “Double Quality Paper”, Double A has been trusted by customers in over 130 countries, and also revered for its exciting partnership with world-class brands for extraordinary campaigns. Reflecting its “Work Smart, Play Hard” sensibility, each and every special campaign comes with huge surprise and awe-inspiring creativity while keeping its universal appeal to paper users all over the world. This collaboration between Double A and OK GO demonstrates Double A's new approach in reaching out to a new generation of target groups using the universal appeal of music and OK GO's fearless creativity to channel the brand's more fresh and fun image, aside of its high-quality product trusted by everyone.

However, good things don't come so easily. “Obsession for Smoothness” takes more than 2 years to complete – and it's all due to our determination to incorporate new music video production techniques unlike anything that's been done before. The goal is to create an even better and more incredulous video. Considering OK GO's past successes, the stakes are high. OK GO has worked closely with production team to research for new innovations until we come across the latest idea of “Paper Mapping”. This new, unique and very exciting idea, allows OK GO to have fun experimenting with movements. The band even spent 2 weeks in Japan where the shooting took place to help develop and test the system to ensure everything functions perfectly. They also had to rehearse their dance moves for the video – which they had to perform in front of 567 printers and countless piles of paper.

Double A X OK GO: Big name in paper and the most creative group in music.
A determination that becomes an obsession.

OK GO has selected “Obsession” for this special collaboration. The smoothness that allows jams-free printing is the heart and soul of this “World’s First Paper Mapping” project and Double A has proved its finesse all through 5 days of continuous shooting – making it possible to create this wonderful music video.

“Obsession” also reflects a mutual standpoint for both Double A and OK GO – its shared determination, or obsession even, to create something new, different and creative that would become “Talk of The Town.” Double A's commitment to producing highest quality paper for users all over the world goes beyond mere passion. It's an “Obsession for Smoothness” that transcends physical smoothness of paper. It's the desire to create a smooth, seamless working life for all our customers.

What's more? Those huge piles of paper used in the music video will not just be dumped into a trash can! Double A has long been known for its responsibility towards the environment; therefore, all the paper used in the video were recycled and the proceeds have been donated to Greenpeace, an international NGO working on environment and peace for over 46 years.

It might be “World’s First Paper Mapping”, but this is by no means Double A's first world-class collaboration. As a global brand, Double A has collaborated in various memorable campaigns from sponsoring the blockbuster film Transformer- Dark Side Of The Moon to partnering with marketing guru Professor Philip Kotler to present “Paper from KHAN-NA” as case study project for sustainable business with social responsibility at World Marketing Summit 2014. Originated in Thailand, “Paper from KHAN-NA” is praised widely for its promotion of quality of life in the community, environmentally friendly, modern, innovative marketing 4.0 approach, not to mention about other international awards- winning campaigns that Double A has received from various academies worldwide.

  • Partnership with Paramount Pictures & Michael Bay: “Transforming Paper”, a film-themed TV spot & product tie-in in the Transformer-Dark Side of the Moon

  • Partnership with Professor Philip Kotler to presenting Double A Way, the case study of sustainability in paper making in the World Marketing Summit 2014

  • Global Branding, Local Campaigning, World’s Awards Wining “Paper Is Not The Same” ,Double A’s first TVC campaign launch in France

    • Lion Cannes Award 2014 Bronze atward for film
    • Eurobest, A Silver and A Bronze award for film category
    • Gold Award at the Epica Awards
    • Cristal festival, Grand Prix for film
    • PNP TV Gold Trophee
  • Global Branding, Entertainment Marketing “Product Featured in Gentleman MV”, a K-pop song by South Korean musician Psy released in 2013